Photo by Frank Fimmano

Photo by Frank Fimmano

HAIKU REVIEW! Flyers 3 Panthers 1

Del Zotto sits now
Andrew MacDonald is in
W-T-F Hakstol?

Steve Mason in Net
The Panthers send Bobby Lou
The Goalies tonight

Wayne Train scores a goal
Steve Mason saves all the shots
One-Zero End One

Trocheck fell on Sean
Couturier left the game
Seems to be his leg

Dale Weise scores a goal
The Flyers double their lead
Two Zero End Two

Las Vegas Franchise
Is called Vegas Golden Knighs
It is official

Nick Cousins scores now
Flyers increase lead to three
In the final frame

Can they hold the lead?
The Flyers must play defense
Stone Cold Steve Mason

No shutout for Steve
Panthers Reilly Smith scores one
Three-One Late in Third

Bobby off the ice
Panthers have the extra man
Flyers win the game