2015 Eagles’ Draft Predictions


The first day of the NFL draft is upon us and the Eagles have the 20th, 52nd, and 84th overall picks. Philadelphia fans have been overcome with conspiracy theories relating to how Chip Kelly will attempt to continue his offseason madness tonight. There are two words on everyone’s mind, Marcus Mariota. The radio waves have been flooded in Philadelphia with hypothetical scenario’s in which the Eagles’ would or would not trade for the second overall pick or the sixth overall pick. We’ve heard three-way deals with Cleveland and Tennessee, we’ve heard three-way deals with San Diego, we’ve heard trade scenarios with just Tennessee,  the necessary moves to acquire Marcus Mariota will affect the teams involved for a long time to come or Tennessee could just keep their pick. It’s unsure who is the front runner to trade for the pick is, despite reports of Cleveland offering two first round picks at 12 and 19. The unpredictability of trades are impossible to predict and be accounted for, getting Mariota will be harder than it seems, and is somewhat unlikely due to all of the teams competing for him (as well as the fact that the Titans want a top 16 pick). If we can get “The Deal” done, we’ll likely give up future first round picks, this year’s 20th overall, Sam Bradford, and a couple prominent players. I will predict the Eagles’ three first draft picks, under the circumstance that the Eagles’ do not trade during the draft.


The Eagles’ are in desperate need of a few positions, despite being a relatively well put together team. The first three rounds of the draft present a good opportunity to address the problems of an aging and unhealthy Offensive Line, a lackluster and disappointing Wide Receiving core, and to finalize the rebuilding of the Eagles’ secondary. Deciding which issue is best solved by this draft class will come down to the talent that is left on the board.

Pick 20: Breshad Perriman

The 2015 draft is covered in talented Wide Receivers, four or five may go in the first round. I believe Wide Receiver is the first of the positions to be addressed due to the depth in this year’s draft. If the Eagles’ draft pick was higher than 20 I would expect them to be in contention for an Offensive Lineman or in a better position to trade for Mariota, but because they are at twenty I think they will draft the 6 ft 3 inches tall Junior out of the University of Central Florida, Breshad Perriman. He is the third – fifth best ranked receiver in the draft and should be available to the Eagles. Last year he had his first 1000+ yard season and scored 9 touchdowns through 13 games. He is very versatile and athletic receiver who also run-blocks very efficiently. He would fit well into the Eagles’ offense on the opposite side of Jordan Matthews. He ran an extremely impressive 4.24 forty yard dash, his speed could make up for the speed the team is missing at the Wide Receiver position.

Pick 52: Adrian Amos

The safeties in this draft will not be flying off the board, unlike other positions. The best Free Safety in this draft is Damarious Randall, I don’t think he will be available in the first round at the 20 spot. However, I do think FS Adrain Amos out of Penn State will be available at 52. He stayed healthy throughout his entire collegiate football career which is something that Philadelphia will respect. He is extremely good in coverage, can read routes well, and is rarely out of position. The only down side of Amos is his lack hitting power and a slight weakness in run support.

Pick 84th: Jake Fisher

Jake Fisher is an Offensive Lineman from Oregon, he is an Offensive Tackle who came into college playing Tight End, but has thrived in his transition. I was originally going to say that the Eagles’ will draft Hronnis Grasu, the Oregon Duck’s Center, but I think the Eagles’ are dead set on Jason Kelce at center. He could serve as a backup or a starter next year to likely fill in for an injured Jason Peters or Lane Johnson. The downside to Jake Fisher is that he was highly penalized in college and needs to bulk up a little more. His build is perfect for a Chip Kelly offensive line, because he is quicker than the average lineman and is built for a fast paced offense. He is very skilled with his footwork and creating leverage in the trenches.

Mariota Believers:

This does not mean that I think the Eagles’ will not trade up for Marcus Mariota. Anything can happen, that’s the motto of this offseason. Look for a three way deal between Cleveland and Tennessee IF anything is actually possible. The Browns have interest in Sam Bradford and are willing to give away the picks that the Eagles’ would need to acquire Mariota. This is all conspiracy theory until tonight, but it’s more than possible that Marcus Mariota will be an Eagle, otherwise these are my picks. In Chip we trust.

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