The Ghost of Overtime Strikes Again; Flyers win 4-3

Image courtesy Amy Irvin -

Image courtesy Amy Irvin –

First Period

Flyers losing now

Not a fan of weak sauce goals

Principal Skinner!


Boring period

Not too much action from teams

Bring on second please.


Second Period

The drought is over

Jake Scoreacek has come back

Only seconds in!


Penalty kill fails

Principal Skinner again

Ugh, stupid rebound.


The Flyers strike back

Fifty-eight seconds later

Brayden Schenn laser.


Raffl took bad knee

Started little brouhaha

Simmonds in trouble.


Couturier, yay

Bounced in off Hurricane skate

Whatevs, Flyers lead.


Third Period

Jeff Skinner hat trick

He’s like really good, also

A Flyers killer.



Ghost Bear: OT stud

Two-on-one with Voracek

Tap in for Chicken!


Big win for Flyers

Moves team to winning record

Flyers win 4-3.

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