Flyers vs Kings Recap

"I've made a terrible mistake."

“I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

LAK 1-0

LA opened opened up the scoring almost eight minutes into the first.

lak1 pt 1

Gudas collects the puck behind the net and looks to start the breakout. At a quick glance I’m not sure why the Flyers had two forwards hanging out so high in the neutral zone, but I’ll talk about that later. The Kings sent one player in on the forecheck to apply some pressure so it may have served Gudas well to close the gap between himself and Laughton by skating the puck out from behind the net. Instead, he opts to pass the puck to Laughton who soon finds himself fighting off a King’s forward. I’m not sure where exactly Simmonds and Umberger were in the neutral zone but they had to be somewhere near center ice since neither play appears on screen during this play. From my perspective, Laughton’s options end up being fairly limited here. He can either attempt to skate the puck out of the zone or attempt to pass the puck back to Gudas  who will surely have to deal with the King’s foward who initially applied pressure. I’m guessing there wasn’t a forward along the wall in Laughton’s lane or he may have tried to chip it out of the zone to him. With that being said, I’m more inclined to believe that was in fact the case especially considering where Simmonds and Umberger finally appear on screen.

lak1 pt 2

Umberger recovers the shot attempt by the Kings and makes a pretty poor pass attempt to Wayne Simmonds at the blue line. Unable to handle a puck that is essentially behind him and in his skates the Flyers turn the puck over once again.

lak1 pt 3

lak1 pt 4

After running around and fighting through a pile of players Gudas manages to get the puck out of the scrum. I’m guessing he simply misplayed it but why Gudas attempted to chip the puck out of the zone when he had Scott Laughton open at the blue line, I’ll never know.

LAK 2-0


Claude Giroux wins the faceoff but a failed clear by Ryan White ends up costing the Flyers. Turnovers are bad mmmkay. Groundbreaking analysis right there if I do say so myself.

PHI 2-1


Good puck movement on the power play got the Flyers within one but it didn’t matter. The Flyers failed to get another past Quick after a flurry of chances with the extra attacker at the end of the third. The Flyers face Montreal on Tuesday night so buy a ticket if you’re dead set on watching it since CSN Philly may decide to only air a portion of the game again.


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