RJ Umberger’s NMC and What it Means for the Flyers

(Photo credit: Amy Irvin, 38 Photography)

(Photo credit: Amy Irvin, 38 Photography)

Last week, when Sam Gagner was waived, it was revealed that RJ Umberger could not be waived due to having a No Move Clause. This would seem to contradict what we know about NMC’s as they do not travel with a player and Umberger was traded for Scott Hartnell during the 2014 offseason. However, there is a potential explanation for how this works in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Admittedly, without the wonderful CapGeek site, this will be a bit more difficult however CapFriendly and General Fanager should have this issue covered.

The Flyers General Fanager site lists RJ Umberger as having a No Move Clause. This is consistent with what RJ Umberger said to the media last week.

On Cap Friendly however, we get a slightly different piece of information. Umberger is listed has having a modified No Trade Clause.

Now this actually makes sense. If Umberger’s No Move Clause combines with a modified No Trade Clause, you end up with a player who has a trade list/trade window and who cannot be waived and send to the minors. If the Flyers were on the initial trade list, the clause would move with the player as it would not have been waived.

Going forward, this complicates matters, Umberger is signed for 4.6M against the cap until 2017. As an obvious fourth line talent at this point, the Flyers need to find a way to shed him to stay cap compliant going forward.

Option 1: Buy him out.

Via Cap Friendly

Via Cap Friendly

Option 2: Trade him to a team in rebuild mode who needs the floor.

After this season, the Carolina Hurricanes are shedding about 25M in cap money as they go through their rebuild. Would RJ Umberger’s 1 year at 4.6M work for their situation as they strive to stay cap compliant versus the floor next year? If Carolina is on the list, deal RJ to the Hurricanes for a 7th round pick. The Winnipeg Jets are another team operating dangerously close to the floor, but it’s safe to assume any player who can block a trade is blocking one to Winnipeg. The fact is, right now, Umberger isn’t exactly someone a team would be clamoring to trade for, but if you included a prospect who’s blocked and has no future, say defenders Jesper Pettersson, Christian Marti or Forward Taylor Leier, the Hurricanes might be interested in doing a deal.

Option 3: Long Term Injury.

It’s an option if something happens between now and the end of the season.

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