76ers Looking to Buyout Dario Saric’s Contract


The 76ers are in talks with Anadolu Efes in an attempt to bring Dario Saric to Philadelphia according to David Pick of Basketball Insiders. The Sixers drafted Saric in 2014 but he currently plays in Turkey for Anadolu Efes. The Sixers are likely attempting to buyout Saric’s contract, bringing him into the NBA for the first time in his career.

The buyout process will likely be a difficult and costly one. Saric is contractually Efes player, but he has an opt-out clause in his contract that gives him the opportunity to leave the team in the summer of 2016. This means that if the 76ers want to bring Saric to the NBA they will likely have to engage in a buyout. Anadolu Efes has the ultimate control of the buyout negotiations and will likely ask for more than $2,000,000, what is troublesome about a buyout of this magnitude is that under the Collective Bargaining Agreement the Sixers would only be able to contribute $625,000 towards Saric’s buyout. This means that the rest of the money for the buyout would have to come from Saric himself.

It’s unsure whether or not Saric will be able to come to Philadelphia or not due to the fact that it will be much more profitable for him to wait until the 2017 season. If the power forward signs for the 2017 season rather than this summer he will not only avoid paying for his own buyout, but he will be 3 years removed from the year he was drafted, freeing him from the rookie contract pay scale. Not being tied to the rookie contract pay scale could result in Saric making two or three times as much money as he would if he signs this summer.

It’s clear that despite Anadolu Efes success and the fact that Saric is the star of the team, he wants out. Last October Dan Feldman of NBC Sports published an article in which Predrag Saric (Dario’s father) spoke about Dario feeling “depressed” and said “Dario was unhappy because there was little action for him, the coach did not want a lot of shots. – If this continues, we look for someone who can pay for breach of contract. Dario has to play, not to watch the match from the stands.” The possibility that Saric will fund his own contract buyout this summer is a real and viable possibility.

We will see how the buyout negotiations carry on over time. The idea of Dario Saric playing for the 76ers next year is an exciting one, bringing a much needed shooter to this young team could completely turn this team around in addition to Joel Embiid’s debut and the third overall pick. It is up in the air whether he will be a Sixer this year or if we are going to have to wait for the International Man of Mystery that is Dario Saric.

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