Untied offers up a number of different advertising opportunities. These opportunities are currently being offered at promotional bottom-line rates. Advertisers can save a significant bit of money by purchasing ads at these discounted rates for up to a year. These rates are subject to change.

728×90 Pixel Leaderboard

The 728px x 90px Leaderboard ad is placed at the top of every page of Untiedmag.com. Only one is available for sale.

300×250 Pixel Medium Rectangle

The 300px x 250px Medium Rectangle is the top ad on the sidebar on every page of Untiedmag.com. Only one is available for sale.

125×125 Button

The Button is placed right above the footer on every page of Untiedmag.com. Up to 8 of these ads can exist on the page. If those slots fill up, we will open up new slots in the sidebar.

On-air Advertisements 

Untied runs a podcast that is featured in iTunes. The podcast offers advertising in three different time increments: 15 and 30 second slots and each podcast can contain up to three advertisements.

Advertising We Do Not Accept

We will not accept any forms of advertising that we believe is compromising to our readers. This includes but is not limited to the sale of links, link exchanges, affiliate marketing, and targeted posts (ie. advertisements disguised as articles).


Length Leaderboard Rectangle Button 15-Seconds 30-Seconds
1 Month $40 $20 $10 $30 $60
6 Months $200 $100 $40 N/A N/A
1 Year $400 $200 $100 N/A N/A

Please contact us for more information.