Ben Simmons Will Not Play This Season

Bryan Colangelo announced on Friday morning that 2016 #1 overall pick Ben Simmons will not play this season. A CT scan of his foot this week revealed that his fractured bone has not fully healed. He is scheduled for another scan a month from now, and the team plans to have him play in the upcoming Summer League.

Simmons suffered a Jones Fracture on Sep. 30th before the season began. The team had not given a formal timeline for his debut until they officially ruled him out today.

“We’ve always anticipated that there would be a possibility for him to play this season, but there was the outside chance…that it didn’t happen because it wasn’t fully healed. We were not going to put Ben Simmons at risk of re-injuring himself,” Colangelo told reporters on Friday.

“I have always known that there was a desire to get him back on the court when healthy,” Colangelo said. “We’ve always anticipated there would be an opportunity for him to play, hopefully this season. But there was always the outside chance that it didn’t happen because there wasn’t complete and full healing. And we weren’t going to put Ben Simmons in a place where he was [vunerable] to a re-fracture.”

“He’s heartbroken. He wants to play, he wants to be out there. It’s eating him alive, for sure,” Colangelo said of Simmons.

When asked by reporters about the team’s lack of transparency about injuries, specifically towards Simmons and Joel Embiid, Colangelo seemed to understand the public’s frustration.

“That mistake will not be made again. There’s not movement towards being dishonest here, at all,” Colangelo said.

Considering the moves made yesterday, this news on Simmons seems to confirm that the team wants to position themselves with a high draft pick this year. The playoffs are certainly out of the question now, and the organization likely has it eyes focused on the upcoming NBA Draft.

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