Breaking Down The Flyers 2015-16 Schedule

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Earlier today, the Flyers released their entire 2015-16 schedule. The Flyers’ calendar begins in Florida with two away games before they head back to Philadelphia for the home opener on October 12th. The entire schedule can be found here.

I wanted to break down the schedule by month by month and try to get a feel for which ones will present the biggest challenges for the Flyers. Let’s take a look. Difficulty is broken down by games against returning playoff teams and by the average points percentage of each team on the schedule for that month.

Month Games Back-To-Backs Home Game % Road Game % Competition Avg Points % % Games Against Playoff Teams
October 10 2 60% 40% 1.07 30%
November 14 2 43% 57% 1.13 57%
December 12 2 42% 58% 1.16 50%
January 12 1 50% 50% 1.20 66%
February 15 2 53% 47% 1.11 60%
March 14 3 50% 50% 1.13 57%
April 5 2 60% 40% 1.13 80%

  • The most difficult month by points percentage is January. Eight of the twelve games are against returning playoff teams, and the average points percentage of all teams is 1.20.
  • The Flyers actually have a somewhat soft first month of the season, including two games against both Florida and Buffalo and a game against New Jersey. Decent opportunity for the Dave Hakstol era to start on the right foot.
  • The most difficult 5 game stretch is arguably at the beginning of February. The first 5 games of that month are against teams that were top 10 in points percentage last year. 4 of those games will be against teams that were in the top 6.
  • Building on that, this season will arguably be defined by the stretch of games from January 5th through February 9th. Out of 16 games, 13 are against returning playoff teams. Two of the remaining three are against the Boston Bruins. If the Flyers can manage to be in the playoff picture at that point, it will be quite the test to see if they can stay there.
  • If the Flyers are somehow in the playoff race at the end of the season, the final 5 games will be a difficult test. 4 of the 5 are against returning playoff teams (including two against the Penguins). I’m not the biggest fan of having most the Flyers/Penguins games come late in the season, but if either team is on the cusp of the playoffs at that time, look out. It will be fun.

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