BREAKING: Eagles trade Dorenbos to Saints

The Philadelphia Eagles announced on Monday that they have traded long-time long snapper Jon Dorenbos to the New Orleans Saints for a seventh round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Dorenbos spent his first three years in the league with Buffalo and Tennessee before spending the last 12 with the Eagles. His 162 regular-season appearances rank as the sixth-highest total in franchise history.

Dorenbos became more of a fan-favorite after competing in “America’s Got Talent” showing off his magic skills.

Dorenbos got started with Magic after his┬ámom was murder by his dad when he was just 12 years old. Dorenbos moved in with his aunt and took up magic. He said, “Magic was my escape. Magic was the only the I could do a kid that took my mind off everything. I could totally say that Magic saved my life.” He was taken in by his Aunt and the rest is history.

He didn’t win that year but made it to the final round. He also appeared on Ellen among other shows.

There wasn’t an Eagles fan out there who didn’t cling to the TV while Dorenbos was on the show and we cheered louder with every trick he did.

Jeffrey Lurie, Chairman/CEO:

“Jon is one of the most inspiring people I have ever known. He gave everything that he had to this organization for more than a decade, but his legacy in Philadelphia goes far beyond his performance on the field, his Pro Bowl selections or the consecutive games streak. His true impact is measured by the number of people in this city that he connected with, the lives he has been able to change and the courage he displays every day after battling such tremendous adversity as a child.

Jon’s enthusiasm and positive outlook are contagious; he’s one of the most genuine, caring people you could ever meet. I speak on behalf of the entire organization when I say we are incredibly proud to have called him an Eagle and our doors are always open to him in the future.”

Howie Roseman, Executive Vice President of Football Operations:
“This was one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make as an organization, not only because of his stellar performance on the field for so many years, but also because of the relationships he has within the organization and the connection he has with our fans and the Philadelphia community.

We have the utmost respect for his consistency and his relentless commitment to winning over the last 11 seasons. We all remember adding him to the team in 2006 and winning six straight games to win the division and a playoff game. He is a genuine class act who has positively influenced the lives of so many through his community work and his motivational speaking.

During this time of the year there are many difficult decisions to be made. We are pleased that an opportunity presented itself to allow Jon to continue his career with the Saints, and we wish him all the best. Even though he won’t be on the field with us this year, we hope that he will one day return to retire as an Eagle, and rejoin our organization in some capacity.”

Head Coach Doug Pederson:

“These are always hard decisions to make, especially with a player like Jon who has so much respect from the coaches, players and fans. On a personal level, it has been a pleasure to work with him and get to know him over the last few years. He’s as tough and reliable as they come. We appreciate everything he has done for this organization and in the community and at the same time we are excited for him to be able to continue his career with the Saints.”

Like Roseman said, every Eagles fan hopes Dorenbos will be back someday and most definitely retire as an Eagles. God Speed Jon. Stay Golden Ponyboy!

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