Breaking: It’s Hittin’ Season Again

Well, Gabe Kapler is still around but his hitting coach is not. John Mallee has been relieved of his duties and replaced by none other than Charlie Manuel, the Phillies all-time winningest manager.

It’s no secret that the offense has struggle significantly this year, especially since the All-Star break and something needed to happen. The Phils rank no better than 25th in the majors in runs, batting average, OPS and extra-base hits.

Manuel has been a senior advisor to Matt Klentak and as such, has been around the ballpark and the team. He knows their strengths and their weaknesses and is a legitimate replacement, at least to get them through this season.

Prior to his managing the Indians and Phillies, Manuel served as hitting coach with the Indians on 2 separate occasions.

Undoubtedly, this will excite most Phillies fans though there will always be detractors. Many things have changed as it related to hitting but maybe that’s one of the Phillies problems…focusing on analytics rather than fundamentals.

Can Charlie turn them around in time to make a run? Probably not. But he can put some basic skills and methods in the players heads and maybe get a few guys headed back in the right direction (cough, Rhys Hoskins, cough).

Is he the long term solution? Even less likely. He’s been around the team so he makes sense to get them through 2019 rather than bringing in a new name that the players don’t know.

Welcome back and good luck Charlie!

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