Breaking Down the Philadelphia Eagles Latest Preseason Cuts

The Philadelphia Eagles still had two days before they had to trim their roster from 90 players to 75, but they decided to get a head start and then some on Sunday, less than 24 hours after their third preseason game ended by cutting their roster down to 73 players. I think they did this so early and with a couple extra cuts for two reasons. One, they want to give the veterans they didn’t keep a shot at landing somewhere else. Two, they want to have room ready for a veteran or two they scoop up from another team. They still are very thin at wide receiver and linebacker.

Before I break down each roster cut, let me first update you on two recent signings the Eagles made. They brought back running back Cedric O’Neal who was recently cut on August 21st. He was brought back most likely because Wendell Smallwood is hurt and because the team wants to rest Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles and possibly Kenjon Barber in their final preseason game. It should be a heavy dose of O’Neal and Byron Marshall at running back against the Jets.

The other move the Eagles made was signing Philadelphia Soul defensive lineman Jake Metz who worked out with the team today. The signing was first reports by @AFLCoffee and later re-tweeted by Soul owner and forever Eagle Ron Jaworski.

So now, as of Monday afternoon, the roster stands at 75 players. It’s possible they could make a trade at some point, but unless someone wants to give up a 7th rounder or reserve player for Cody Parkey, it’s not happening. Some thought they might trade defensive tackle Taylor Hart, but Mike Martin was never really healthy this summer and that forced them to keep Hart and cut Martin.

Roster Cuts

LS John DePalma- I had no idea he was actually still on this roster, basically hanging around so Jon Dorenbos could dominate on America’s Got Talent.

CB Randall Evans- This was probably the most obvious roster cut. Coaches were not big fans of his and he was buried in the depth chart. The only time we have heard his name being brought up this summer is when he was getting torched in the secondary.

OL Andrew Gardner- I feel bad for the guy who made a few starts last season, took a pay cut this summer and is now unemployed, but cutting him loose early gives him a better shot and landing somewhere else before the season starts.

WR Chris Givens- I thought he had an outside shot of making this roster, or at least lasting until the final cuts on Saturday, but this does give him a chance to land somewhere else. I don’t think he is anything more than a speedy receiver who doesn’t catch the ball that well.

DT Mike Martin- A healthy Mike Martin makes this roster, but a backup defensive tackle that can’t get on the field isn’t going to help this team. Plus the play of Beau Allen really forced the team to be less patient with him. Taylor Hart too, but to a lesser extent.

S Nick Perry- There was just too much depth at safety for Perry to stand a chance here. I could see him landing on the practice squad though. There’s definitely some NFL potential there, just not enough to keep around at this point.

WR Rueben Randle- The pessimist in me thought the coaches would keep him around simply because he’s a veteran. They didn’t and instead kept several UDFAs over a guy who simply didn’t act like he wanted to be here.

CB Denzel Rice- This was more of a poor scheme fit. He needs to play in a press heavy corner scheme. He’s good enough to land on a roster somewhere, just not here.

DE Alex McCalister- The Eagles placed McCalister on the IR with some phantom calf injury. He’s far too thin and raw to make an impact as a DE right now. This prevents any team from scooping him up from their practice squad without having to waste a roster spot on him this year.

LB Joe Walker- Also placed on the IR, but with an actual legit injury. He tore his ACL a week ago. If he recovers from this injury fully he should make the roster next season and may even push for a starting role.

That’s it for now, as of August 29th, I’ll keep this page updated as more roster moves come in.


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