Caps End Flyers Shootout Streak; Prevail 2-1


Frigid Philly night

Hockey rivals meet to fight

Caps and Flyers, now!


Slow start in the first

Caps treating Flyers like toys

Dominate Stanza


Starter Hart stands tall

But can’t corral the rebound

Caps lead one-to-none


Another slow start

Flyers trying to attack

Cannot gain footing


Finally, pressure

Sustained attack, but Holtby

Sheesh, he is quite good


Period over

Caps enter third with the lead

Let’s go, comeback kids!


PP time again

Jake weaves through relaxed defense

Finds an open G


The fans are alive

“Wild Thing” blares from the speakers

Jake Voracek lives


Caps have awoken

Pressure applied thoroughly

Flyers surviving


Game should be over

Carter’s finest performance

He’s just twenty-one


Overtime again

Free hockey? Gimme the win

I can takes no more

Domination, but

Free hockey is not enough

Shootout time again


No shootout magic

Capitals leave the winner

Back in action Sat.

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