Cesar Hernandez, Not Chase Utley, to be Starting at Second Base

(Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

(Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

It may just be another end of an era in Philadelphia, but also potentially the start of another. As reported by Ryan Lawrence of the Philadelphia Daily News, Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. fully endorsed Cesar Hernandez as the team’s starting second baseman over veteran leader Chase Utley.

Amaro announced on Tuesday in Los Angeles that Utley’s ankle injury was slowing progressing and would be resuming baseball activity this weekend. But when asked if Utley would resume duty as the starter, Amaro was direct with his response.

“Not for me he’s not,” Amaro said. “Cesar Hernandez is our best second baseman. I would assume that Cesar would be our second baseman. I think that’s fair.

Chase’s situation will kind of dictate itself. How he feels will dictate his timeframe to play, I think. He could play some first base. He could play some second. But as far as I’m concerned, our plan has been to give opportunities to young men who could be part of our future and Cesar Hernandez has been one of our best players in a variety of ways — running the bases, playing defense, playing with energy, he can switch hit. He’s doing a lot of things we want to see out of our young players.”

Hernandez has truly been a bright spot recently in what has been a dismal season. While Utley has been sidelined since June 22 with an ankle injury, Hernandez has taken hold of the starting spot and ran with it.

Hernandez, 25, enters Tuesday night’s game carrying an 11-game hitting streak where he’s hit .468 overall with 7 multi-hit games. He’s hitting .302 overall on the season but since June 21, leads the majors with 28 hits.

Utley on the other hand has been abysmal all season long. Prior to his injury, Utley was batting just .179 with 4 home runs.


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