Chip Kelly had a press conference today, and it was glorious

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I hopped into the car just in time to catch most of Chip Kelly‘s impromptu press conference with the assembled Philadelphia media. Kelly was his usual defiant self, rarely answering the questions people wanted to hear, but speaking quick enough to slip in bits of information.

Here are the key notes that I took from his press conference today.

1. Whether Kelly is telling the truth or using this to drive up the price for Sam Bradford remains to be seen, but it appears the former Ram is Kelly’s guy. Furthermore, Kelly noted that he would not be trading up for Marcus Mariota because he didn’t want to gamble away the teams future.

2. Brandon Boykin is in trouble. Bringing in Walter Thurmond III will challenge the incumbent nickel corner, but could ultimately lead to a Boykin trade. After all, Kelly didn’t draft Boykin.

3. Either LeSean McCoy or Kelly is lying. Chip claims to have called Shady. I think I’m apt to believe the Eagles head coach on this one…

4.  To go along with this, Kelly also said that the firing of Tom Gamble was from the “other side of the building,” once again showing his disdain for former general manager Howie Roseman.

5. Whoa buddy! This is surprising. Chip essentially threw Roseman under the bus for drafting Marcus Smith, thus further providing evidence that the two do not get along. Whether Roseman is actually in the war room this year or not is something to be watched.

So there it is, Chip Kelly’s surprise press conference that gave insight into the Eagles moves and what may lay ahead in free agency and the draft.

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