A Compendium of Tanking Slogans

Flyer McDavid

Flyer McDavid

Depending upon your perspective, the Flyers are either not playing up to snuff, surprisingly disappointing, about as bad as expected or flat out f*ck!ng terrible. Maybe they are just tanking (they are not). Assuming that trend continues, we would like to present you with some slogans for use as the season progresses.

  • Dishonored for Connor
  • Jack Attack
  • Aching for Eichel
  • Slackas for Zacha
  • In Berube we bust
  • Giveaways for Greenway
  • Trading tons with Edmonton
  • Kill Umberger
  • Vying to Make Vinny a Vagabond
  • Bitterer for Bittner
  • Flooding it all for Noah
  • Still beating Pittsburgh
  • Homer Bad Man
  • We’re Really Sorry Steve Mason
  • Crouse Control
  • Crapping the bed for Connor
  • Oh god oh god oh god, I really hope we’re not wrong about Ron Hextall
  • Sixers on Ice
  • If we lose the draft lottery again, I swear to god, I’m going to kill somebody


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