Cowboys disgrace America with flying message

Photo by: Charles Mostoller

Photo by: Charles Mostoller

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy sure made sure the Eagles knew what he wanted to say during the Eagles’ practice at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.


The Cowboys fans paid $1,350, which Hardy gave a $300 donation to, to have a sign fly over the Eagles practice that read “We Still Dem Boyz #SacksComing.”

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The problem was, the plane flied over the stadium during the national anthem on the day the team was honoring those who served our country. After the anthem was over, a familiar “Dallas Sucks” chant was heard from the 43,000 in attendance.


“It’s a waste of money,” offensive tackle Lane Johnson said. “I think he is a hothead that gets carried away with himself. He is going to have his hands full with (Jason Peters), I promise you that.”

Peters will be tasked with blocking Hardy, but won’t get the chance to do so until the two teams second meting on November 8, a Sunday night game in Dallas.

The Eagles host the Cowboys on September 20, but there won’t be an opportunity then to react to Hardy’s prank, however. Hardy will be suspended for the first four games of the Cowboys’ season. The suspension, stemming from a 2014 domestic violence incident, was reduced from 10 games to four games by arbitrator Harold Henderson


The banner was originally started by a group of Cowboys’ fans, but when Hardy got wind of it, he donated money to make it happen. The original message was to be “✭ WE GOT THE DIVISION ✭”, but after Hardy donated the money, they fans let his message be the one that was chosen.

“Tell him not to go broke after football,” defensive end Brandon Graham joked.

Eagles defensive tackle did not have the same attitude toward the gesture as Graham, however.

Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox was not in a laughing mood about the gesture, and the fact that it came during the national anthem.

“It would rub anybody the wrong way,” Cox said to’s Elliot Shorr-Parks. “We came here today to salute the soldiers and then you look up during the national anthem and you see something like that…I think it was real disrespectful to us and to the people who serve us.”

Cox said the gesture would not be forgotten during the regular season.

“They are our rivals, and they try to do stuff to get in our heads,” Cox said, “but we have to take care of business.”

This stunt all stems from when Eagles fans started raising money to have a plane fly over the Cowboys Training Camp during their Blue/White scrimmage on August 9.

That plane’s message was to read “WE HAVE DEMARCO! – Eagles Fans”

The whole idea for the plane messages started when a group of New York Jets fans had a plane fly over the New England Patriots practice with a banner that read, “Cheaters Look Up!”

The Eagles banner referred to how the Eagles signed 2014 NFL leading rusher DeMarco Murray away from Dallas. Much of the Cowboys’ success last season was dependent on Murray. Rather than find a replacement, the team is placing its faith in unproven backup Joseph Randle.

The banner obviously refers to how the Eagles signed 2014 NFL leading rusher DeMarco Murray away from Dallas. The Cowboys’ success last season was very dependent on Murray. The Cowboys haven’t really done anything to replace him, instead opting to place their faith in unproven backup Joseph Randle.

The Philly Voice Eagles writer Jimmy Kempski (@JimmyKempski) took to Twitter and owned the social media site in the Eagles defense.

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I guess America’s team now just hates America.

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