Cubs @ Phillies 9/10/15 Rain Out on Night Amaro Let go.

Phillies-Cubs postponed, doubleheader scheduled for Friday

Phillies-Cubs postponed, doubleheader scheduled for Friday

Once again I find myself here on another Sea Change day in the Philadelpha Phillies future. To see more on the immediate release of   Ruben Amaro Jr please goto the concise story here  Amaro out as Phillies GM by Zach Bates.

On a personal level, though Amaro made mistakes along the way – I seem to remember a certain Ed Wade guy who was ready to be run out of town on a rail near the end of his tenure, now more respectfully looked upon as an early architect of the 5 year run – I never thought he got enough credit for what he did before the team fell apart the last few seasons.  That being said, even a Stepford such as I eventually felt it was time for him to go.  He did a decent job this season in trades – more will tell the tale in coming seasons – serving the Phillies well for basically all his life, and I want to remember him for that.  I wish the best of luck to him and his family.

Meanwhile once again on to tonight’s game on a day that brought much needed rain to Philly but that rain has now postponed this one. This game was to feature the hot Cubs RHP Jake Arrieta,  vs LP Adam Morgan who will now pitch in the 1st half of an old-fashioned Twi-Nite DH which starts @ 5:05. The 2nd game, which is officially the make-up game, is now slated to pit Kyle Hendricks against Alec Asher,

Stay tuned.


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