Flylsma? The Pros and Cons of Bringing in Dan Bylsma


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We’ve discussed this before, but Craig Berube probably won’t be head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers past this season. A frequent name brought up in the rumor mill for the Flyers’ next coach is former Pittsburgh Penguins coach Dan Bylsma. Bylsma is just kinda hanging out while various teams figure out their coaching situations. Maybe the Maple Leafs will bring him in? They probably won’t, though, so the rumor mill will just keep on keepin’ on.
How bad would it be if the Flyers formed a union with Bylsma and formed Flylsma (s/t to KRUT at our blog friend Broad Street Hockey)?


PRO: He won a Stanley Cup.

CON: He only won one Stanley Cup with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin on his roster.


PRO: He is handsome and charming.

CON: He coached the Penguins, who are scumbags.


PRO: Would take your mother out for a nice seafood dinner and actually call her back.

CON: Dude is all over your moms!


PRO: He is not Randy Carlyle.

CON: He is not Mike Babcock.


PRO: He can help your girl shop for her wedding gown so you don’t have to do it.

CON: That’s just weird, man.


PRO: Well-liked by players.

CON: Known for making poor adjustments, especially in the playoffs.


PRO: Probably knows how to snowboard like a proper righteous dude.

CON: Too busy snowboarding to actually coach.


PRO: AMERICAN. Gooooooo Team USA!

CON: Canada won the gold medal.


So what’s the consensus? Yea or nay on Flylsma? And what about my lunch? Join me next week when I run down the pros and cons of making a big bowl of tuna on Sunday night and divvying it out through the week.

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