Demarco Murray traded to the Tennessee Titans

demarco-murray-philadelphia-eagles-650-mmqbDemarco Murray has become the third player from the “Chip Kelly Era” in the past 24 hours to be shipped off from Philadelphia after just one year. Earlier today I wrote a piece on the Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell trade, in said article I alluded to the possible trading of Demarco Murray or Ryan Matthews, less than two hours after posting that Demarco Murray is a Tennessee Titan. Once again, the circumstances of the trade are unknown on the Eagles end. It has been disclosed that the Eagles will receive draft pick compensations for the trade with the Miami Dolphins, but it looks as if we will not know what the Eagles will get for Demarco Murray until the trade is finalized on Wednesday.


Demarco Murray will be vastly successful in Tennessee, there is no question about that. I wouldn’t be so quick to congratulate Ryan Matthews on earning the new starting Running Back job in Philadelphia, rumors are still floating around that Ryan Matthews could be the next out, leaving the Running Back position as a toss up. Demarco Murray certainly did not fit into Chip Kelly’s Offense, I thought he would fit into a more conventional system under Doug Pederson, apparently Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson do not think so. I am a16683503-mmmain heavy believer that Demarco Murray is a top 10 Running Back in the NFL and every year he has proven that, with the exception of last year.

It seems as if Howie Roseman has a plan up his sleeve which he will be evident to Philadelphia and the sports world this upcoming Wednesday, when the “New NFL Year” begins and these trades are finalized. If I was a “Chip Kelly Guy” on the current Eagles roster, I would be very weary of my future (Josh Huff, Marcus Smith, Ryan Matthews, Kenjon Barner, Trey Burton, Mark Sanchez, etc.). I expect big things this off season from this rebuilding Philadelphia Eagles team.

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