Detroit Rock (the goalies) City: Flyers Win 2-1

Photo via Yahoo Sports

Photo via Yahoo Sports

Period 1:

Goalie battle Czech
Match Penalty for Ryan White
Wings Zero, Flyers Zero

Suspension Looming
Head shots are bad, okay kids
Phone call tomorrow?

Mrazek stopped that one
Neuvirth also a brick wall
No goals for the teams

Period 2:

Czech out all the saves
Goalie battle is on now
I’m not stopping puns

Kronwall scores a goal
But was it interference?
Dave’s challenge has failed

Period 3:

Captain Claude ties it
Maybe Ghost Bear has won it
No, Wayne sits for two

Goalies battle hard
It is another shoot out
Not another one

Datsyuk dangles: Goal
Claude Giroux Answers him back

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