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There is a hesitation around getting behind or bashing new Eagles’ Head Coach Doug Pederson this soon into his time in Philadelphia. Pattison Ave is here to lay out the facts and the history of Doug Pederson while in the NFL. A young Pederson was signed by the Miami Dolphins as a rookie free agent in 1991, where he then struggled to stay on the roster, bouncing between the practice squad and unemployment, eventually making the main roster 1993. From 1991-1995 Doug Pederson focused on remaining within the Dolphins organization, but also played Quarterback for the Rhein Fire and the New Jersey Knights in the “World League of Football.” He then bounced around the NFL after getting drafted in the NFL Expansion draft by the Carolina Panthers but had stints in Green Bay, Cleveland, and Philadelphia. He started in Philadelphia briefly until the rookie Donavan McNabb was ready to play, but for the most part was a journeyman backup Quarterback from 1992-2004.


Pederson then kicked off his NFL coaching career in Philadelphia as the Offensive Quality Control Coordinator, during which time (2009-2010) the Eagles improved in the following way:


  Yards per Game (rank) Points per Game (rank)
2009 – Eagles 357.9 (NFL Rank 11) 26.8 (NFL Rank 5)
2010 – Eagles 389.4 (NFL Rank 2) 27.4 (NFL Rank 3)


Obvious improvements shown during Pederson’s time, in which the Quarterback situation was very hectic, over those two seasons Mike Vick started 13 games, Kevin Kolb started 7 games, and Donavan McNabb started 14 games. The Eagles were making transitions from 2009 to 2010, going from Brian Westbrook to LeSean McCoy and going from Donavan McNabb to Mike Vick, but still improving on offense dramatically.


From 2011-2012 Doug Pederson was the Quarterback Coach in Philadelphia, still bouncing around between starting Quarterbacks. Over this time span, Mike Vick, Vince Young, and Nick Foles had starts for the Eagles, both years the Eagles Quarterbacks combined to throw for more than 4,000 yards. Unfortunately, the Eagles went from 8-8 to 4-12 during those years, resulting in the firing of Doug Pederson and Andy Reid.


Doug Pederson then both went to Kansas City with Andy Reid to be his Offensive Coordinator.  The year before Reid and Pederson came to Kansas City, the Chiefs were 32nd in the NFL in total offense and had gone 2-14. Since Pederson and Reid have taken over in KC, the Chiefs have gone 11-5 twice (2013 & 2015) and 9-7 once (2014). Much of the offensive progression has come from find their identity as a team, the addition of Jeremy Maclin made up for the extremely questionable hiccup on Pederson’s resume, that the Kansas City Chiefs completed 0 Touchdown Passes to a Wide Receiver during the 2014 season. Pederson had played a major role in turning the Chiefs from a one-dimensional team solely reliant on Jamal Charles, into a real dynamic offense, able to win games while Jamal Charles was injured. This to me is his most impressive credential. In 2015 the Chiefs were able to succeed with Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware, while Jamal Charles was injured; throughout his tenure with the Eagles he was able to win games through a tough transition period between Quarterbacks and offenses.


Although I would have liked to see the Eagles and Jeffrey Lurie interview more candidates, I think the hiring of Doug Pederson is widely due to the fact that he has always been able to operate under both difficult and inconsistent circumstances. The Chiefs have been a consistent playoff contender the last three years, largely because of Pederson’s offensive scheme and expertise, making them a top 5 team in Total Offense (2015), while maintaining an extremely balanced offense. Doug Pederson has to prove himself, but it is far too soon to write him off yet. The biggest stain on his resume is that 2014 season in which not a single Touchdown pass was completed to a Wide Receiver, but I assume we will have to look past that and just get excited that we will likely be running a pro-style offense again. He will have an opportunity to impress us during the offseason and the hiring of Jim Schwartz provides Pederson with knowledge of what it’s like to be a Head Coach in the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles are headed back to normalcy.


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