Eagles Draft Preview – What to Expect in the First Round

Tonight is a night that will be remembered by Eagles fans and the city of Philadelphia for years to come, whether the outcome is positive or negative. The Eagles are determining their future success tonight at the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Trade –

It would be too easy to write about my thoughts on trading the Browns to move up, but honestly we will not know if this trade was worth it until years from now. The Eagles gave up:

2016 8th Overall Pick 
2016 77th Overall Pick – 3rd Round
2016 100th Overall Pick – 4th Round
2017 First Round Pick 
2018 Second Round Pick

The Eagles received the 2nd Overall Pick this year and a Fourth Round Pick in 2017. The biggest question about this trade is “Did Philadelphia give up too much to move up?” Like I stated before, we will not know until we see whoever the second overall pick is. The thought going into this trade is that we will get a Quarterback to build around and he will lead this team for years to come.

First Round – 2nd Overall Pick – Carson Wentz


This pick is not up to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Los Angeles Rams get to dictate who the Eagles get with the Second Overall Pick. If the Rams decide to take Jared Goff first, then the Eagles will have Carson Wentz and vice versa. It is my thoughts that the Eagles will be taking Carson Wentz with the Second Overall Pick. The biggest detriment to drafting Carson Wentz is the lack of difficult opponents, playing in the Missouri Valley Football Conference playing against teams like Weber State and Western Illinois is very different from the NFL grind of facing the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys twice a year.

Carson Wentz will not play this year, unless Sam Bradford continues to cry over competition and is no longer an Eagle, then Chase Daniel blows his shot(very realistic). If Philadelphia erupts half way through the season and begs for Wentz to start, which most definitely will happen, it will be a true disservice to his development. Personally, I like Wentz more than Goff, size, arm strength, footwork, and athleticism, but if this man is an Eagle, I need him on the bench for at least one season. Right now, the Eagles are a team with Ryan Matthews starting at Running Back and mediocrity galore as passing options. I’m only worried that we may be getting ourselves into an “Andrew Bynum” type situation, where we design the team around a player that has no definite future.

Neither Wentz nor Goff is Andrew Luck or even Marcus Mariota coming straight out of the draft, but they certainly have potential. We could honestly end up with Jared Goff, it’s such a thin margin separating these two Quarterbacks. Goff is seen as a safer pick, but Wentz is high risk and high reward. Very few analysts are even hinting at the idea that these guys are sure fire starters, but sadly the Eagles are in a horrible position with Sam Bradford because we refuse to be patient, and Chase Daniel has thrown 28 passes in the NFL in 7 years. Trading up and getting rid of Demarco Murray was premature, because it would have been nice to see what Bradford and Murray could do when Chip Kelly isn’t forcing a broken system onto the field, but this is where we are and let’s try to be optimistic about this young, fresh, new Quarterback. 

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