Free Agency: Eagles Improve Secondary & Add Depth at QB

The new NFL season starts 3/9 at 4 pm, but several players have already decided that their future is in Philadelphia. Quarterback Chase Daniel was rumored to be a viable option for the Eagles Quarterback position, many thought that once Howie Roseman re-signed Sam Bradford that all possibilities of signing Chase Daniel had died, this was not the case, Chase Daniel will be a Philadelphia Eagle. The Eagles also added pieces to their struggling secondary, picking up former Buffalo Bills first round pick Leodis McKelvin, the thirty year old Corner has had a diminishing role with Bills despite years of consistent play. Rondey McLeod, former St. Louis Rams Safety will also be joining the Eagles secondary, McLeod is a hard hitting 25 year old Free Safety who has consistently improved statistically since joining the Rams as an Undrafted Free Agent. 082015-NFL-Kansas-City-Chiefs-2-pi-ssm.vadapt.620.high.44


The Chase Daniel signing has upside, but is confusing for a few reasons. Chase Daniel is a career back up Quarterback for all intents and purposes, but for some reason it seems as if Doug Pederson really sees potential in the 29 year old. Daniel has only started 2 games in his 6 season career and has only thrown the ball 28 times in regular season NFL action. This signing of Chase Daniel applies pressure to Sam Bradford to not only prepare this offseason and to perform in training camp, but also to succeed in the regular season. This signing also brings up questions about Mark Sanchez, will he remain an Eagle? I don’t understand Pederson’s infatuation with Chase Daniel, but nothing Pederson has done would give me a reason to doubt him.NFL: St. Louis Rams at San Diego Chargers

As for the Secondary signings, I am very excited about the idea of Rodney McLeod learning from and playing along side Malcolm Jenkins. McLeod has the potential to be an Eagles fan favorite for a long time, his hard hitting style will attract Eagles fans. Beefing up this defense which constantly seemed to be soft last season is a much needed adjustment, Rodney McLeod was a steal.

The signing of Leodis McKelvin can go either one of two ways, either this move will be the re-invigoration of his career or he will burn out an be of no help to this team. I firmly believe he will be more productive statistically than Byron Maxwell was last season, and can provide help and experience to this defense. McKelvin was a talented lock down corner earlier in his career, in Philadelphia we can expect him to be a CB2 or CB3 but much of that decision comes down to whether or not the Eagles sign or draft a definite CB1.

Leodis-McKelvin-says-the-Bills-will-beat-the-Dolphins-ass.Side Note: 

In the recent trade with Miami the Eagles have swapped first round draft picks with the Dolphins, bumping up from 13th overall to 8th overall. The Eagles also advanced in the fourth round, by swapping picks with the Tennessee Titans giving the Eagles the 1st pick in the 4th round.

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