Eagles Legend Chuck Bednarik Passes

Image Courtesy MonsterMarketPlace.com

Image Courtesy MonsterMarketPlace.com

The Philadelphia Eagles announced today Hall-of-Famer Chuck Bedarik has passed away at the age of 89. Badnarik was a legend for the Eagles and the last player in NFL history to play both offense and defense. Best known as “Concrete Charlie,” he missed just three games in his 14-year career and was a two-time NFL champion. Badnarik also made Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams eight times.

The two-way player was a standout linebacker and center. One of his most famous hits occurred against the New York Giants, where he laid out Frank Gifford. Gifford would spend a few days in the hospital after the hit, and Bednarik would go on to sign pictures of the hit (scene above) with the saying “This game is F… over. Sorry Frank.”

Bednarik is survived by wife, five daughters, 10 grandchildren and one great grand child.

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