Eagles Trade News: Maxwell & Alonso to Miami; More Moves to Come?

After just one year in Philadelphia, Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell are departing to a future in Miami. Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman are essentially taking the failed ventures of Chip Kelly and trying to make the most of it. The specifics of this trade are unknown at this point, Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso are going to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for undisclosed draft picks. Hopes are high that the Eagles will receive the second round pick that they gave up in order to acquire Sam Bradford.

Byron Maxwell


The news broke earlier this morning that the Eagles were considering trading Byron Maxwell to the Dolphins, but the news of Kiko Alonso being a part of that trade was rather shocking. Shipping Maxwell away, frees up a hefty amount of cap room, he was to be paid an average of $10.5 million dollars a year through 2021. Maxwell let down Eagles fans time and time again last year, only bringing in 2 interceptions and recording 63 tackles. His statistics were not the focal point for Eagles fans outrage with the Corner back, rather the 11 penalties he was responsible for as well as his ability to stop just about anyone. In weeks one and two alone against the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys, Maxwell was primarily responsible for covering Julio Jones and Terrance Williams, in those two games he gave up a combined 15 completions out of 19 attempts, 240 yards, and a 2 touchdowns. If that does not summarize Byron Maxwell’s time in Philadelphia, I don’t know what does.

Kiko Alonso


Kiko Alonso being traded away surprised me for many reasons, he was what the Eagles received for Lesean McCoy, he was bouncing back from an injury, the Eagles are putting in a new defense which Kiko would likely be more effective in, and he is still on his rookie contract. Kiko was likely pivotal in this trade, in order to get Miami to agree, despite looking slow, small, scared, and borderline clueless last season, Alonso has high potential for the future. In 2013 Alonso had accumulated 87 tackles and 4 interceptions, but with the Eagles he only played in 11 games recording 30 tackles and 1 interception. Alonso has succeed in the past and likely will succeed in the future. Chip Kelly’s Eagles were toxic, I think that effected Alonso much more than it affected Byron Maxwell, Alonso looked to be a a young star in the making, capable of Pro-Bowl caliber play, Maxwell proved that he was a product of the Seattle Seahawks great defense and certainly not an elite corner. I would’ve loved to see Kiko finish out his contract with the Eagles under Pederson’s leadership, but if we can get back that 2nd rounder we lost for Bradford, I am more than happy with this trade.

Future Moves – Rumors

demarco-murray-philadelphia-eagles-650-mmqbDoug Pederson has already started moving in the right direction, getting rid of both Byron Maxwell and Riley Cooper, but what looks to be the future of the Philadelphia Eagles?

Shortly after the news of this trade broke, Ian Rapoport broke more news that the Eagles are looking to deal Demarco Murray and/or Ryan Matthews. It would be a common sense assumption that they are only looking to move one or the other, but the last two off seasons prove that common sense does not always play a factor in the decision making process of the Philadelphia Eagles. The short term re-signing of Sam Bradford was the result of a very scarce free-agent market, in reference to Quarterbacks, but it had to be done. Looking forward, I would not be surprised if the Eagles ended up keeping both Murray and Matthews, because there are plenty of very good running backs in Free Agency for other teams to acquire. I would also anticipate the Eagles signing a prominent veteran Wide Receiver, like Andre Johnson, Jason Avant, Jerricho Cotchery, Roddy White, or Marques Colston, whom will all likely sign shortCHIEFSPATRIOTS2 SP 092914 DRE 2034f-term contracts. It would not be surprising if Pederson was looking to bring some of his old players from Kansas City, both Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson are entering free agency, which could explain why the Eagles let Kiko Alonso go to Miami. The free agent market is ripe with talented Offensive Lineman, it would be shocking if the Eagles didn’t go out and grab one or two. The impressive amount of talent in free agency this year, aside from the Quarterback position, makes up for what is comparatively a weak draft class. The “New NFL Year” begins on Wednesday, and most deals will be made towards the end of this week, hopefully Doug Pederson can fix this disaster Chip Kelly has caused.


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