Eagles Trim Roster to 57

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Watching the fourth preseason game for an NFL team is an acquired taste. Like drinking a strong bourbon whiskey or eating anchovies on your pizza, watching a bunch of fringe players compete in a game that sets the NFL back 30 years is truly tough to do. This does not diminish the importance of the game though, it is integral for coaches when it comes time to make their roster cuts down to the final 53 men on the team. Furthermore, it is the best chance for players on the roster bubble to showcase their talents in an attempt to make the team.
Yesterday afternoon the Eagles announced they traded Matt Barkley to the Arizona Cardinals for a conditional 7th round pick. If Barkley is on the roster for at least 6 games the pick becomes a 6th round pick. This is a savvy move by Chip Kelly because it was clear that Barkley had fallen out of favor with the coaching staff. Barkley had a chance to save himself in the game Thursday Night against the Jets but rather, it was Tim Tebow who ended up being the one impressing everyone. Barkley’s trade trimmed the roster from 75 to 74.
It should be noted that The Eagles have not officially cut anyone, but a number of reliable sources have cited the following transactions. So far (8:52 AM September 5, 2015) the Eagles have cut/released the following players in their move from 75 to 53: Mihalik, Moffitt, Kip Smith, Bailey, Pratt, Vandervelde, Skinner, Gleitchert, Boyko, Raciti, Bunche, Evans, Mostert, Tomlinson, Watkins, Prosinski, and Reynolds. These announcements were made by Howard Eskin, Matt Lombardo, Martin Frank, Eliot Shorr Parks, Adam Caplan and a handful of players’ agents, among others. This is a total of 17 players bringing the roster to a total of 58.
The most shocking cut to me was by far Chris Prosinski. Kelly’s emphasis on special teams play made me believe he was a lock to make the team. The final safety spot was always one of the toughest to project and it has remained that way. There are several candidates for the practice squad among these gentlmen, most notably: Brian Mihalik, Randall Evans, EJ Biggers and Jaylen Watkins.

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