Eagles turned down a trade in 2012 and instead drafted Fletcher Cox

Fletcher Cox has now become the richest man on the Eagles roster, as he signed a contract extension through 2022 worth $103 million, with $63 million guaranteed. The Eagles value him so much due to his stellar play on the field, but they almost traded back in the 2012 draft where instead they traded up to get Cox.

In a interview last week, GM Howie Roseman talked about how he contemplated trading back in the draft where Cox would definitely have not been available.

“When he got to 12 and we were ready to make the pick, we had agreed on the trade, and then we got a call from another team offering us to move back for a future 1,” Roseman said last week.

The Eagles had to consider the offer seriously; who wouldn’t want to obtain more draft picks? A team would be stupid not to contemplate it. But the team ultimately made the right decision.

“If he was [what the Eagles thought], how would we get that guy again?” Roseman said. “And all around the room, everyone agreed that to get a 6-4, 310-pound guy, 35-inch arms, powerful, athletic, great character, we’d have to pick in the Top-5 — 21 years old. For us, even if that future one was a 12 or 13 or 14, we thought it was a unique opportunity that we were able to get that kind of guy, so we just kind of made the pick.”

It is interesting to consider what this could have turned into for the Eagles. The Seahawks ended up selecting LB Bruce Irvin with the original pick at No. 15. Now, is Irvin a great player? Yes, and he would especially help out the Eagles weak linebacker corps. But you have to look at it this way; the Eagles have now found their franchise defensive player. Irvin, while a great player, is not that for the Seahawks. Just like the Carson Wentz situation, we will never know what those picks the Eagles gave up to get Cox could have turned into.

Then again, you could be the Dallas Cowboys and trade up eight spots with the Rams in the 2012 draft to get Morris Claiborne. The Eagles very well thought that Cox could have been picked before he got to No. 12, so they are sure happy to have him for the future. Some things just work out in the end.

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