Eagles vs Cowboys Game Preview

Credit - Eric Hartline - USA Today Sports

Credit – Eric Hartline – USA Today Sports



Some games truly need no introduction.
When the Eagles and Cowboys take the field against one another, the whole world watches. Both teams shared playoff aspirations at the beginning of the season but have been wildly disappointing. After injuries to Tony Romo and Dez Bryant the wheels fell off for the Cowboys and they lost 5 straight games. The Eagles season started to get back on track after 2 straight wins against the Saints and Giants but were then beaten soundly last week by the Panthers on Sunday Night.

Each team will be looking to improve on their performances after their week 2 showdown, which was probably the worst football game I have ever seen in my life. Each team tried their hardest to lose that game, but the Eagles were a bit more persistent. Sam Bradford appeared to be completely incapable of throwing a pass more than 10 yards downfield and the Cowboys committed turnovers aplenty.

The Eagles defense has been their best unit by far this season and this should play perfectly into the scenario of today’s game. With Matt Cassel at the helm and a banged up Dez Bryant leading the way, I think this plays perfectly into the hands of the Eagles. Their front seven will be able to get into the face of Cassel forcing him off his game (which is bad to begin with.)

Prediction time: I fully believe the Eagles will be fired up for this game and come out ready to dominate. I expect Sam Bradford will have his best game as an Eagle and Jordan Matthews is going to make up for his mistakes and drops over the past few weeks. The Eagles win this game 24-16.

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