Entry Draft Profile: Anthony Richard

Photo: Dave Chidley / THE CANADIAN PRESS

Photo: Dave Chidley / THE CANADIAN PRESS


Currently ranked 77th among North American skaters, there’s a good chance that Anthony Richard might be one of the underrated prospects in the 2015 NHL Draft. The Flyers own the 69th pick via the Tye McGinn trade and either the 89th/90th pick in Round 3 via the Coburn trade, meaning Richard might have two chances to become a Flyer.
  He may not be the biggest kid in the draft pool, but as his scoring shows he’s one of the most skilled. And scoring forwards are something the Flyers do not have much of in their minor league system right now.

Per Vollman’s NHLE rating, combining the regular season and playoffs, Richard had 1.36 points per game in the QMJHL, which translates to 0.35 Points per game in the NHL, or 29 points per 82 games.

At 29 points, Richard would already project as a low quality third line center, if he were to step into the NHL at age 18,  however, as a mid round pick, he’s likely to go through the AHL first. Using the same scoring breakdown, and Gabriel Desjardins’s Implied NHLE rating.  Using the implied value of  0.68 points per game, we find that Richard’s ceiling is probably .926 points per game in the NHL or 76 points per 82 games or an above average #1 center.

The truth likely lies somewhere in between, with Richard likely being an average to high end 2C.

Finally there are two other reasons to be excited. One is, there is an undersized, high scoring skilled center the Flyers drafted out of the QMJHL who turned out pretty decently. While asking Richard to be the next Claude Giroux is likely unfair, getting a poor man’s Giroux who can exceed in 2nd line duty and 2nd line PP isn’t unreasonable at all.

Another is, Richard is a teammate of the Flyers 2014 Round 2 pick, Nicolas Aube-Kubel. Having two forwards who develop chemistry together is something that could help the team long term.

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