Fins Up: Sharks Bite Off Eight Goals As Flyers Lose Home Opener 8-2

First Period


Gritty time tonight

Sharks in town for opener

Don’t let the fans down


Gritty drops from roof

Fans all up in a tizzy

Flyers hockey, now!


Aw crap, strike first.

Eleven seconds later,

Sharks up by two goals


By the end of first

Flyers getting rolled, down four

Boo birds are alive


Second Period


Flyers gain some life

Ghost clapper on power play

The comeback is on


Sharks bite back with goal

Should have been Flyer Kane scores

Second of the game


B.E. still in goal

Flyers simply outplayed now

Off/Def not helping


Third Period


Sharks strike once again

Another power play goal

This time it’s Hertz


At least PK good

Only allowed two goals here

Positive thinking


Welp, that didn’t last

Meier opens up the doors

Sweet move for seven


San Jose again

This time, it’s a shorty, folks

But hey Simmer scored!


Rough start for home squad

Flyers blown out of the Farg

Flyers lose 8-2

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