Flyers Beat Maple Leafs 3-2 As Eric Lindros’ Jersey Goes To The Rafters

1st Period

Eric Lindros night

Big E gets his jersey raised

We’ve come a long way


Fist bumps abound now

Lindros fires up Flyers

Now don’t crap the bed


Quiet first stanza

Chances not plentiful yet

Bounces be crazy


No score for either

Both teams not pressing too much

Zero-zero game


2nd Period

Twenty-eight seconds

That’s all it took for the Leafs

Two-nil Toronto


Misplay from the Ghost

Then a bad rebound and goal

That’s how the Leafs scored


3rd Period

Huzzah! Flyers score!

Nolan Patrick by himself

Rook heating up now


Shorty goal alert!

Flyers tie it on Train goal

We have a new game


Neuvirth play improved

Let in softy early, now

Standing on his head



Coots with game winner

That escalated quickly

Just eighteen seconds


Flyers win 3-2

Celebrate Eric Lindros

Send fans home happy

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