Flyers Beat Panthers: Haiku Recap Edition

Image courtesy Amy Irvin:

Image courtesy Amy Irvin:


First Period

Oh my lord, Schenn scored

A rebound it was, of course

Whatevs, it still counts


Simmonds checked a guy

Protected Read from danger

Then served four minutes


Much penalty kill

Fewer power play, but hey

Flyers lead, post one


Second Period


Shut out period

Both teams denied by goalies

Bobby Lu played big


Contest gets chippy

Flyers forecheck aggressive

Big hits keep coming


Third Period


Ugly period

Neuvirth gets super lucky

Keeps S.O. intact


Defense was solid

That’s called a Gudas effort

Yup, that is a pun


Sold out opener

Brand new goal song, kind of weird

Fans go home happy


Flyers win one-zip

Hmm, impressive home debut

What’s left? Game, blouses

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