Flyers California GIF Party

The Flyers went out on their annual California road trip and managed to get 3 of 6 points. Not terrible considering that the team isn’t very good. Honestly, who cares about that because it’s time for a GIF party! First stop on our little animated journey is San Jose.

Sean Couturier scored the first power play goal of his career in the first period of the San Jose game.

Couturier PP Goal in SJ

Things kind of went downhill from there. Sean Couturier got into a fight later that period as Rinaldo stood there and did……well, nothing.

useless rinaldo

Thank god Grossmann is here to lighten the mood and lift our spirits with his offensive style and flair.

Grossmann Breakaway

You think that kind of performance would be enough to will the Flyers to victory, or at least a loser point. In true Flyera fashion, they gave up the game-winning goal with 12 second left in the third.

Let’s take a minute to review how bizarre and dumb this goal was. Brayden Schenn tries to make a pass to Scott Laughton but things don’t go according to plan. They fail to get the puck deep and San Jose recovers the puck. The San Jose player makes a relatively harmless pass attempt towards Braydon Coburn. Now, I’m not sure why Nick Schultz is reaching out to play a puck that he can’t reach, but he does and the madness begins. It takes an odd deflection and now Coburn, who was heading toward the puck to break up the pass, is now forced to turn around and chase the San Jose player.

sjs gwg pt 1

The chase is on. Thankfully, Mason makes the initial save. He also tries to play a puck that is out of his reach which ends up pulling him further out of the crease and right in the path of Tommy Wingels. Hockey is just dumb sometimes.

sjs gwg pt 2

Anaheim treated the Flyers a little better. The Ducks scored a bunch of goals but who really cares about that. The Flyers also scored a bunch of goals which is way more fun.

Raffl Goal

Simmonds Goal

Umberger goal

Simmonds Goal and Celebration

Do you want to see that celebration again? Of course you do.

Simmonds Celebration

Shootouts are terrible. Sean Couturier is pretty awesome. Here is Sean Couturier being pretty awesome in a terrible shootout.

Couturier Shootout goal

Claude Giroux doing amazing Claude Giroux things. Oh captain, my captain.

giroux goal

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Wayne Simmonds loves playing in California.

simmonds goal

Wayne Simmonds wasn’t the only one having a good time in California. Stevezina came up with a number of good saves in the game against the Kings.

mason save 1

mason save 2

Shout out to Nick Grossmann and Zac Rinaldo for not being very good, but giving their best effort anyway. You can’t teach heart.

bad grossmann

rinaldo fail

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