Flyers Christmas Carols

Santa Coatesy

Hey everyone! The Flyers might be in the lower half of the standings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with the team in the holiday season! Jiminy jillikers! Gee whiz!

Here’s a bunch of Flyers Christmas songs to get you through the holiday season and some god awful hockey.



Oh the play on the ice is frightful

Flyers hockey is not delightful

Since we’ve no place to go

Rinaldo! Rinaldo! Rinaldo!


He doesn’t show signs of stopping

Oh my god, his eyes are popping

G just got hit way down low

Rinaldo! Rinaldo! Rinaldo!


When he finally picks a fight

Zac won’t wait for your gloves to drop

But if you really hold him tight

You might even get him to stop


Oh, he doesn’t show signs of dying

And the refs, they’re not complying

No one’s gonna stop him so

Rinaldo! Rinaldo! Rinaldo!


Do They Know It’s Tanking Time?


It’s tanking time, there’s no need to be afraid

In tanking time, we let in goals and banish hard play

And in our world of losing, we can spread a smile of joy

Throw your stick down to the ice at tanking time


Don’t block that shot, it’s probably going to hurt

At tanking time it’s hard, but when you can grab Connor McDavid

There’s a can’t miss prospect outside your window

And we need a world of dread and fear

Where the only water flowing

Is the bitter sting of tears

And the only thing that packs the seats is the reunited Legion of Doom

Well tonight thank Bernie we have Jake and Giroux


No there won’t be wins in Philadelphia this tanking time

The greatest gift they’ll get this year is Eich(elllllllll)

The prospects need to grow

Even the ones with sick flow


Do they know it’s tanking time at all?


Joy to the World! (Andrew MacDonald Has Been Scratched)


Joy to the world! Common sense has won!

Andrew MacDonald is scratched!

Let the press box prepare him room

And Steve Mason is free

And Steve Mason is free

And Steve Mason is free

And even Ray Emery, is pretty free


Joy to the world! Common sense reigns

D-men, their pairs deploy

While Streit and Coburn

Del Zotto and Schenn

Meet players at the blue line

Meet players at the blue line

Meet players, meet players, at the blue line


Voracek is Here


Voracek is here

Goal scoring and cheer

Fun for all

The ginger thrall

The only line men fear


Flyers goals are rare

Forecheck it ain’t there

At least we have

Two orange lads

Who learned from Jaromir


Season in the air

Wells Fargo seats are bare

But G and Jake, are scoring great

So that’s pretty good right there


Up on the Defense


Up on the defense, forwards race

To score against Philly Flyers eight

Down through the crease with lots of speed

Just to increase a substantial lead


Gross Gross Gross! Who wouldn’t go? Gross Gross Gross! Who wouldn’t go?

Up through the blue line, pass pass pass

Down to score against Saint Nicklas


Defense (Kimmo Please Come Home)


The team’s coming down

I’m watching them fall

The defense won’t come around

Kimmo please come home


Defense isn’t sound

Formation’s all wrong

Goals make Steve Mason frown

Kimmo please come home


Coburn decking the goalie

Not proper defense at all

He remembers when you were here

All the fun you had last year


Lights are bright at the Well

I’m watching them blind

You should be playing hockey

Kimmo please come home

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