Flyers, Del Zotto Agree To 2 Year Extension

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

The Flyers announced Thursday afternoon that they have agreed to a two year extension with restricted free agent defenseman Michael Del Zotto. Del Zotto’s arbitration hearing was scheduled for next week, but it is not surprising to see that the two sides were able to reach an agreement before that.

This deal seems fair for both sides. A 3.875M AAV might be a tad more than Del Zotto is worth, but the Flyers avoid giving a long deal to a guy who has struggled with  consistency throughout his career. For Del Zotto, two years with an AAV of 3.875 is certainly a huge step up from the 1.3 million dollar contract that he signed last summer only after multiple injuries to the Flyers blue line.

The deal will cover MDZ’s final two years of RFA status, leaving him as a UFA when the deal expires in 2017. At that point, hopefully a younger wave of Flyers defensemen will be ready to take over.

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