Flyers Lose 3-2 To Open Zach Sill Era In Toronto

Image c/o Amy Irvin

Image c/o Amy Irvin

The Flyers lost a rough game on Thursday night in Toronto by the score of 3-2. After the Leafs led in the third by a score of 3-0, a furious comeback attempt over the last 10 minutes fell short as the Flyers could not find the equalizer.

Frankly put, the Flyers played more than well enough to win this game. They controlled play at even strength for the entire game without interruption, and would have certainly been in a better position going into the 3rd period if not for the stellar play of Jonathan Bernier. A couple bad bounces and deflections led to near-breakaways for each of the Leafs’ first two goals, and a freak penalty from Wayne Simmonds gave the Leafs the power play that they used to notch their 3rd goal.

When you go into the final 21 games of the season needing 30 or more points to get a playoff spot, you put yourself in a position where you can’t afford to lose these games, even by virtue of bad luck. When you outshoot the opponent 49-17, you’ll win a lot of games, but the Flyers don’t have any value for I.O.U.s at this point. This is part of what makes a playoff push so difficult for a team in the Flyers’ position.

Who cares anyway. Kimmo Timonen is coming back on Saturday. Go Flyers.


-Phil Kessel’s wrist shot is just completely unfair.

-Rob Zepp did not play terrible tonight. He could have had either of the goals that he gave up, but neither of them were goals that I’d want him pulled over, especially with Steve Mason’s game readiness in question.

-Brayden Schenn had a goal on his stick during a first period power play, but opted to pass it to Jakub Voracek instead. Instead of calling that a ‘generous play’, I’d call it a bad decision.

-A rough bounce led to the first Leafs goal, but if Phil Kessel is going to get the puck in open ice, I’d hope that next time it’s against somebody who isn’t Nicklas Grossmann

-That god damned dress is white and gold

-A Flyers fan wearing a Zac Rinaldo jersey and a bandana got kicked out of the stadium tonight. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

-Peter Holland threw a slash at Steve Mason tonight, and Jakub Voracek did not like it one bit. Nope.



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