5 Trades Flyers Should Make To Gear Up For Playoff Run

Photo by Amy Irvin/38 Photography

Photo by Amy Irvin/38 Photography

As of Wednesday morning, the Flyers are currently sitting 6 points out of a playoff spot with 25 games remaining in the season. While it’s certainly a long shot, making the postseason is still a possibility. This puts the Flyers in an interesting position. While still within striking distance, many think that they should be sellers at the trade deadline and start looking towards the future.

But… we’re from Philadelphia and we fight. Selling is lame and basically means they are giving up. The Flyers should be buyers at the deadline and go all out in an effort to grab the 8th playoff position in the east. It worked in 2010 so it would definitely work this year as well.

Let’s look at some trades that would help the Flyers gear up to make a run.


Just hear me out. The Flyers have been after Weber for years. He is the Next Pronger™ and could turn this team into a cup contender immediately.

So we should send our draft picks from 2015-2020 to Nashville in exchange for him. Who needs draft picks? Look at all of the busts that we’ve drafted with recent picks anyway. Couturier, Laughton, Morin and Sanheim? Only one of them (Couturier) is even on the team, and he is a bust that just waits in hibernation for games against the Penguins. With Weber, we’d be so good that they would all be horrible picks anyway!

Hockey twitter users any other city could clearly get behind this. A Weber to the Flyers trade would break the internet.

The Flyers would need to clear some cap space to make it work, but they could solve this problem easily by placing Claude Giroux on waivers.


The Flyers need to get back to the Broad Street Bully Mentality™. Highly touted defensive prospect Shayne Gostisbehere was not able to even make the Flyers this year, and looks like yet another Flyers draft bust. Sean Couturier uses his head to play hockey, and that doesn’t quite fit the Craig Berube mentality.

So lets just rid ourselves of both of them and try to get Cal Clutterbuck in exchange. Clutterbuck is one of the league leaders in hits and would help them get some of their intensity back. He has almost single-handedly turned the Islanders from a bottom feeder into a cup contender within the space of one season there.

Photo by Amy Irvin/38 Photography

Photo by Amy Irvin/38 Photography


Also, he has an awesome mustache. The Flyers hair game is average at best this season. Clutterbuck would immediately fill the role of best-facial-hair-haver on the Flyers, which is important. Couturier hasn’t really grown out his beard this season, rendering him completely useless. Get something for him before the rest of the league figures out how bad he is.


Mike Richards, proven leader and cup winner, is currently wasting away on the AHL’s Manchester Monarchs. Meanwhile in Philadelpha, Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds have led the Flyers to zero cups and only one playoff series win during their time in Philadelphia.

Richards is a True Philadelphia Flyer™, and really just needs a change of scenery to get going again.

When asked about his teammate Brayden Schenn, Flyers prospect Travis Sanheim had the following to say.

“Loves seeing Schenn getting dumbied! #duster #notalent”

Wow. Schenn is already disrupting things in the locker room with players that haven’t even made the roster yet. That seems like a problem.

If there is a team out there that is actually stupid enough to trade Mike Richards for Simmonds and Schenn, the Flyers need to take advantage of that.


It’s no secret that Claude Giroux is the biggest thing holding back the Flyers these days. During the most recent 9 game point streak, Giroux posted 0 goals. This doesn’t only prove that they can win without him; It proves that they are actually at their best without him contributing.

Ever since Giroux has taken over the captaincy, he has torn the Flyers apart while contributing no leadership on the ice, and has also distracted everybody with ridiculous offseason scandals. Have you ever seen John Scott hurt himself playing golf? Hmm. Neither have I.

Scott would be a welcome addition to the Flyers that could add a lot of intensity. Him and Giroux have the same number of even strength goals on home ice this season, so they are pretty much a wash offensively. He could bring some grit to the first line that has been sorely missed during Giroux’s underserved time on that line. Many analysts appreciate what he brings to a team. If the Flyers make trade #3 as well, we could be looking at a first line of:


That is the kind of line that wins cups.

The Flyers might need to retain some salary on that terrible Giroux contract to get San Jose to agree, but they should really do whatever it takes to get Giroux out of town ASAP.


Braydon Coburn is really hurting the Flyers this season (and all of the other ones lol!). The Flyers have a better record without him in the lineup this season, so how could he possibly be good? In response to the Flyers most recent loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets, fans analysts had the following to say on social media:

Since Coburn came back the Flyers have been a complete shambles!”

“THIS TEAM NEEDS SCORERS. Sick of the 2-3 goal games!! Trade Coburn and Shenn or Giroux for #1 draft pick.”

Coburn, Schenn and Grossmann. I would rather have a trash can playing D than any of the shitty triumvirate”

“Trade/Release Vinny, Coburn, both Schenns and McDonald”

“Is it just be who thinks Coburn has lost his confidence even before the injury?

“Any team want to take Coburn off our hands? Seriously don’t know why he’s still here.”

“plZ can they finally get rid of Coburn…he shoots at everything but the net”

“How is Coburn still in the NHL?”

“Is there a less threatening phrase in the English language than “back to Coburn, He’ll wind and fire.”?”

“”You miss 100% of the shots you take.” – Braydon Coburn

“Last Time I Saw Coburn Bury Someone Was In The 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs”

“Schenn, Grossman and Coburn all need to go IMMEDIATELY. Coburn.. I don’t even know where to begin. He needs to stay off the ice.”

“Hextall if no other moves this year be4 the trade deadline please get rid of Coburn!”

Hmm. No way that a fan base could feel that way about a player if he wasn’t actually bad. Give the people what they want and get Coburn out of here immediately.

The Flyers should not back down and build for the future. The right answer is to press on and do everything that the can to lock up a playoff birth for this season. Any of these trades would put the Flyers in a much better spot than they are right now. Why worry about the future when this team is one trade away from being a contender? It’s time to get rid of the passengers (Giroux, Couturier, Coburn) and add some players who actually want to win. Trade deadline is in less than three weeks. Get it done Hextall.




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