Flyers New Year’s Resolutions 2015

Vincent Lecavalier was a little stumped when I asked him about his resolution (photo via Amy Irvin/38 Photography)

Vincent Lecavalier was a little stumped when I asked him about his resolution (photo via Amy Irvin/38 Photography)

Thanks to this hole I found over by I-95, I am able to pilot Tim Panaccio like John Malkovich and ask the Philadelphia Flyers questions about nonsense. Last week, I was able to ask a bunch of Flyers about their New Years Resolutions.

Jakub Voracek: Probably going to tail Jaromir Jagr for a bit, maybe see if I can steal some more of his mojo.

Wayne Simmonds: I’d like to draw more penalties so we can be on the power play more and I can score more goals. That would be cool.

Claude Giroux: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, uh, yeah, like, you know (I walked away)

Zac Rinaldo: More selfies. Definitely more selfies. Oh and more penalties. Teams aren’t scared of us anymore. That’s gotta change.

Craig Berube: Wouldn’t change a thing. The team just needs to play harder.

Ron Hextall: I’ll be working on my résumé, hoping Dean Lombardi will take me back.

Nicklas Grossmann: I don’t know, maybe eat less cake? I have a full birthday cake for breakfast every morning. Maybe half a cake would be better.

Steve Mason: I’m going to honor the wishes of my Instagram followers by spending more time goaltending and less time thinking about which Flyers to zombify for my next mask.

Sean Couturier: Just taking shots at targets in my driveway more often. Matt Read’s totally filming it and editing it up real rad to send to coach. We’ll get those offensive zone starts, Reader!

Braydon Coburn: Finally going to complete my mission and finish off Steve Mason once and for all.

Vincent Lecavalier: I need to make sure that Ron Hextall knows I’m serious about that trade demand. You hear me, Ron? I want out! I’m super serious!

Scott Laughton: A few fans told me that I needed to add some weight. My plan is to eat two pizzas a day until I’m large and in charge.

Brayden and Luke Schenn: Spend more time together as brothers! (They then smiled at each other and hugged. It was weird.)

Andrew MacDonald: I know that I’m good at shot blocking, but I’d really like to the best at shot blocking.

R.J. Umberger: I’m planning on practicing skating with weighted rollerblades in a swimming pool. That speed should be back by Valentine’s Day.

Michael Del Zotto: I’m finally going to finish that soft pretzel Craig Berube voodoo doll that I’ve been working on up in the press box.

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