Season Ends As Caps Shutout Flyers 1-0

First Period

Up-and-down stanza

Both teams dominate at times

Flyers surviving


Undisciplined play

Trying to kill penalties

Nervy standing tall


Matt Read has chances

Whiffs on puck in tough spaces

What the hell, Matt Read?


Second Period

Flyers get chances

5-on-3 for two minutes

Can’t connect for goal


White called for holding

Negates second power play

BackstromĀ bout to score


Flyers playing tough

Big hits and bad turnovers

Neuvirth only hope


Flyers down one goal

Need to apply pressure soon

Holtby not balking


Third Period

Pressure was applied

Too little, too late for boys

Season ends one-zip


Hell of a run, boys

Lots to look forward to soon

Thank you for the ride


Extra Haiku

Thank you, Flyers fans

Writing for you has been great

Keep reading Pat Ave!

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