Flyers Streak Is Over As Hurricanes Blow Through Town In 4-1 Loss

First Period

Chilly Philly here

Flyers on a hot streak though

Canes blow into town


Hurricanes strike first

Just as PK ends; ah crap

Justin Williams goal


Provolone cheese down!

Blocks shot with foot, can’t get up

Doesn’t miss a shift


TK: Speed racer

Gudas with a Gudas move

Cam Ward wards off all


After first stanza

Carolina controls game

Flyers trail one-zip


Second Period

Ugh, Canes strike again

Teravainen, four-on-four

Hagg got beat good there


Justin Williams scores

Last time he potted two goals…

Was against Flyers


Flyers lacking fight

Need to start fast in third round

As Canes lead three-nil


Third Period

Konecny brings it

Outlet pass from G to Coots

Finds cutting TK


Counter rush attack

Aho pots goal from Williams

Three goal lead again


What a save, Petr!

Skinner denied breakaway

But Flyers still lose


Flyers just outplayed

Can’t win them all, now can we?

Start new streak on Sat.

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