Flyers Week in Photos: 2/21-2/27

Probably the most frustrating week for the Flyers this season. They pulled themselves to only four points behind Boston in the wild-card race and then decided to embarrass themselves multiple times against teams they really should have ben able to beat easily. Just another typical week for the Flyers.

Saturday February 21, 2015:

Flyers beat the Predators 3-2

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

The Nashville predators are the top team in the NHL right now, the Flyers are not. After losing to the Buffalo Sabres two nights before, no one even remotely thought that the Flyers could come close to beating the Predators. How surprised were we then, when the Flyers not only took the Predators to the shootout, but won with the first two shots? Wayne Simmonds and Jake Voracek’s amazing shootout goals and Rob Zepp being perfect got the Flyers two points against an impossible team to beat.

It was also Eric Desjardin Hall of Fame induction night. The former Flyers defenseman was honored before the game and his banner was lifted to the rafters.Luckily the Flyers put o a good performance for him.

Sunday February 22, 2015:

Flyers beat the Capitals 3-2

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Another tough win. The Washington Capitals aren’t the Predators, they’re not as big of a hurdle to get over, but they are a skilled team and, this season, should be a huge challenge for the Flyers. As the trend has been this season, the Flyers were able to upset a better team and won 3-2. The points didn’t gain them any ground in the wild-card race, but it did keep them in the same position which was a major help.

Tuesday February 24, 2015:

Flyers lose to the Hurricanes 2-3

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Coming off of two huge wins against two tough teams, everyone expected an easy two points to come from the game against the Carolina Hurricanes. Unfortunately, the Flyers like to play down to their competition. The only Flyers goal in this game was scored by Nicklas Grossmann, the offense still inexplicably snake bitten.

Thursday February 26, 2015:

Flyers lose to the Leafs 2-3

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

Photo credit: Amy Irvin (38Photography)

The Toronto Maple Leafs are bad this season, like really bad. They’ve also sold off half of their best players already in their efforts to rebuild. The Flyers should easily be able to take two points from a game against the Leafs right? Ha ha ha WRONG! The Flyers dominated the Leafs in almost every statistical category except goals. In the second period, the Flyers went down by two goals, both on breakaways with defensive lapses, and then Berube relapsed into stupid Berube. Steve Mason, coming back from an injury without any real practice time and having admitted he wasn’t ready to play, was sent in to relieve Zepp after two goals.

The Flyers did almost manage a comeback, but a late Michael Raffl penalty may have killed their momentum.


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