Flyers Zone Exit to Entry Data: Games 1-20

Over the last two weeks we took a look at the Flyers’ zone exits and zone entries. This week we’ll see which players were able to turn their zone exits into entries.

For this first quarter of games, I had to go back and compare the exit and entry data game by game to see if a successful zone exit led to an entry. All of the entries in the data below happened within five seconds of a successful exit. After watching 100+ games more than once you start to notice some trends. It generally takes about three seconds for the Flyers to transition from the defensive zone to the offensive zone. Since there are times when the transition is slow to develop, I decided to give credit for any entry that happened within five seconds of a zone exit. Hopefully, this captured some of the slower developing breakouts that happen throughout the course of a game.

I’m going to take a different approach to presenting this data than I did with the prior posts. Overall, there aren’t a lot of surprises so I’ll just post the data and give a couple of notes.


exits to entry

  • No surprise here, but Mark Streit and Michale Del Zotto are by far the Flyers best defensemen at transitioning from the defensive zone to the offensive zone. I don’t know how many more ways we can show why Del Zotto should be a regular in the lineup. A defense that can help out the forwards with clean outlet passes and and ability to carry the puck in and out of the zone is something the Flyers are lacking. Why wouldn’t you want to help lessen the burden of your forwards by giving them some competent defense that can thread a pass to them?
  • Speaking of passing, Luke Schenn has been quite good in this area. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him jump Coburn on this overall list. That’s operating under the assumption that he and Del Zotto won’t be in and out of the lineup every ten games or so. Please feel free to go back to that Schenn-Del Zotto pairing Berube.
  • The transition game is actually one of the few areas where Andrew MacDonald actually did well last year. However, we only had 19 games worth of data to work with. It’s more than likely that he was benefiting from a small sample size. From watching and tracking more games, I don’t see his numbers getting much better.

f exit to entry

  • Jake Voracek is awesome. Feel free to give him all of the money Hextall.
  • Scott Laughton is going jump up this list as the season progresses. We’re working with a really small sample size for him here so it is hard to judge based on these numbers alone. I’ve tracked ten more games worth of data and he has been great. He’s carrying the puck out of the zone and continuing to control play through the neutral zone.
  • It’s 1 am and I’m tired, so feel free to browse through this data yourself.

We’ll check back in on the Flyers progress after the midpoint of the season. If you made it through the maze of spreadsheets here is a nice little¬†reward¬†for you.


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