Flyers/Hurricanes Recap: The One Where Jake Voracek Finally Scored

(Photo credit: Gregg Forwerck/NHL)

(Photo credit: Gregg Forwerck/NHL)

The Flyers got back in the win column, Shayne Gostisbehere was a monster, and Jake Voracek finally got his first goal of the season. All in all, not a terrible night for the Flyers. While the Flyers had their issues throughout the game let’s just have some fun and focus on the positives from tonight. Overall I thought the Flyers had done a fairly good job in the neutral zone tonight, specifically defending their blue line.

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For all of the excitement surrounding Gostisbehere making his first appearance of the season tonight, he did not disappoint. His all around game was very strong and it’s hard not to dream of a wonderful place where the Flyers defense is made up of young skilled players who aren’t afraid to take risks and make plays. He was smart about jumping up in the play and even when he found himself in trouble, he was able to get back and recover. Throughout the game he maintained his aggressiveness at the blue line and certainly didn’t make it easy for Carolina to enter the zone. Hopefully he can build on his strong performance next game.


It was great to see Jake finally get a goal. While I don’t think tonight was one of his stronger performances he’s been long overdue for some good fortune this season. One thing that has stuck out to me this year with Jake is that it doesn’t seem like he is driving the transition game. Throughout last season he was a guy who would carry the puck out of his own zone and power through the neutral zone, entering the offensive zone with speed and possession. Since I’m far behind on tracking (and I’ve slept through or fallen asleep during most of their games) it’s hard for me to say exactly what has caused such a drastic drop off in a part of his game that has made him so successful.

I attempted to live track zone entries for tonight and you can find the data below if you enjoy this kind of stuff.

entry numbers vs car



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