Haiku Review: Flyers Rout Sabres En Route To 6-1 Victory

First Period


Blistering cold night

Inside, the Farg is quite hot

Flyers, Sabres, NOW!


Buffalo hurts self

Giving own goals throughout game

Vorobyev first


JVR alive!

Challenged interference, huh?

I think not, Sabres


Matty Nisk caps it

Hayes dangles and dekes through Buff

Flyers lead by three


Second Period


Power Play Flyers

Quick face off win and snapshot

Provy snipes a beaut


Pitlick fights good fight

Shot, battles, outmuscles, scores

This is dang rout


JVR again!

Own goal, again! Come on, Buff

Flyers command game


Tempers start to flare

TK upended and mad

Quasi melee now


Third Period


Hart not challenged much

But alas, all good things end

Buffalo gets goal


Flyers cruise to win

Dominating performance

Six-to-one final

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