Haiku Review: Flyers Out Skated, Outmanned, Outscored; Lose 6-2

First Period

Tuesday night hockey

Flyers and Ducks at the Farg

Flyers hockey, now!


Out of sync tonight

Flyers can’t gain momentum

Passes aren’t crisp


Couturier scores!

Deked Gibson out of his jock

One-nothing Flyers!


Penalty kill win

Brian Elliot big saves

Ghost Bear help out too


Gudas just got rocked

Bieksa one-punch winning

Ducks playing better


Anaheim ties game

Turnover by Konecny

Kase tips in goal


Second Period

Big hit on Patrick

Helped off ice and done for game

Momentum swinging


Ducks score three more goals

Montour, Ritchie and Rakell

Ducks lead four-to-one


Third Period

Sloppy play Flyers

Five-on-Three power play done

Everything is bad


Getzlef goes five-hole

Bad goal allowed by Elliott

Just end this game now.


Coots gets second goal

Beautiful assist Sanheim

Flyers down five-two


Kase scores again

Awarded penalty shot

Beats Elliot clean


Anaheim wins big

Flyers fall flat on their face

Ducks win, six-to-two

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