Haiku Review: Flyers Win 6-5 On Goalie Heritage Night Game At The Farg

1st Period

Radko Gudas back

Oh no, Radko, bad pinch there

Draisaitl beats Mase


The Mcdavid Show

Still not happy with Manning

Slow first period


Flyers playing well

Can’t beat the Monster just yet

Good guys down 1-nil


2nd Period


Oilers PP goal

Connor is an angry elf

Two-nothing bad guys


Flyers pot three goals

That escalated quickly

Streit, Pebbles, and G


Oilers tie the game

Flyers give up a shorty

Going to third tied


3rd Period

Sweet defense Brayden

Draisaitl carries puck in

Pouliot gets goal


Aw crap, here we go

Oilers strike again; Mase screened

Five-three, bad guys lead


Jake on power play

Don’t call it a comeback yet

Flyers still down one


El Capitan scores!

But don’t get it twisted though,

Gudas made the play


Resilient Flyers

Comeback almost completed

Who is the hero?


Mike Raffl, that’s who!

Raf uses a power move

Beats goalie near side


Woo, the Flyers win!

Not sure what really happened

Six-five victory!

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