Haiku Review: Flyers Win Third Straight Before Break; Down Leafs 2-1

1st Period

Sim sim Simmer scores!

Breakaway with pretty move

Outlet from TK


Penalty kill strong

Flyers kill double minor

Then Gudas kneeing


2nd Period

Refs are struggling

Missed penalties and offside

Fans are not happy


Neuvirth with glove save

Rebound attempt stymied too!

Mark Streit with kick save.


Nylander scores late

Leafs tie game after hard push

Neuvirth lost the puck


3rd Period

Up-and-down pace here

Not a lot of action though

Goalies making saves


Lyubimov, buckets!

Banks second shot off goalie

Game winner for Lubes!


Flyers win third straight

Another winning streak here

Time for all-star break.

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