Haiku ReWooo!: Flyers Win 3-2 After Marathon Shootout

First Period

Painfully outplayed

Few chances for the Flyers

Mason stops Bruins


Del Zotto point blast

Does it count if not snipe?

Oh well, 1-zero


Power play goal, yo!

Simplicity is the key

G from Jake for 2!


Second Period

Goalless period

Power play chances for both

Goalies up to task


This is a weird game

Do you know who’s playing well?

Andrew MacDonald!


Third Period

Bruins tie the game

That escalated quickly.

Foot off gas pedal


One minute: eighteen

That’s the time between B’s goals

Not a good look, boys


Voracek hero?

Penalty shot saved by Rask

Weak move there, Jakub


Regulation time

Thirty-nine saves for Mason

How about OT?



Six more saves for Mase

Tuukka up to task as well

And now…the shootout


Whoa, nine round shootout

Jake gets redemption, Ghost wins.

Mason is my star!


Big win for the boys

Mason stops 49 shots

Flyers win 3-2



Fan base divided

The wooers and woo-nots

A win will heal all.

– @GiraffeHerder

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