Half-Assessment Week 10: Eagles vs. Dolphins

Photo via Miami Dolphins

Photo via Miami Dolphins


That sucked. That really sucked. The Eagles could and should have beaten the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. They blew it, losing by a single measly point, 20-19. Your uncle, you know the one, he’s got the thinning hair and the anger problem, he was mad. Really mad. He said he’s done with this team, and this time he might be serious. Go back to @college Chip Kelly, you don’t know nothing about no one you chump you!


Sam Bradford was having one of his Sam Bradford days before he got done blown up. He went 19-25 for 236 yards and 1 touchdown. He also got sacked 4 times and fumbled twice. His numbers weren’t great, but he was having a mostly competent day before he got hurt. We all know that Bradford hasn’t been nearly as good as expected this season. Still, he’s got more promise than the man known as the Sanchize. Yes, we all know Mark Sanchez and the legend of the butt fumble. With Bradford down, it was Sanchize time again.

Sanchez went 14-23 for 156 yards and 1 crucial pick. He did not get sacked, managing to pick up 4 yards on 2 rushes, wow! Let’s get back to that pick, however. The Eagles had a chance to go ahead late in the game when Sanchez forced a pass and that was that. Sure, you can blame Miles Austin for not catching what should have been an easy touchdown (seriously, what the hell was that???), but in that situation you just can’t force that pass. A field goal would have been just fine. Anything but a turnover. Sigh.

The running game wasn’t a big help. Ndamukong Suh finally woke up and had a game as large as his appetite for injuring opposing players. Well, maybe not that large. He had 7 tackles and a sack. But the Dolphins defensive line kept the Eagles running backs in check. DeMarco Murray had 61 yards on 22 attempts. Ryan Mathews had 18 yards on 8 attempts along with a touchdown and a concussion. Yeesh. That’s not going to get it done. No wonder the Eagles had trouble holding on to their early lead.

Receiving wise, it was a great day for anyone that isn’t listed as a wide receiver. Brent Celek rose up from blocking hell to catch 4 passes for 134 yards. Zach Ertz grabbed 7 passes for 68 yards. DeMarco Murray and Darren Sproles combined for 11 catches for 92 yards. The wide receivers? 4 of them teamed up to reel in 11 balls for 98 yards and a touchdown.

After a great start, the Eagles fell apart. No sir, I don’t like it.


It wasn’t an awful day for the Eagles’ defense. They held Ryan Tannehill to 21-36 for 217 yards along with sacking him 4 times. Buuuuut he did throw two touchdowns. Jarvis Landry, Rishard Matthews, and Lamar Miller were more or less the Dolphins’ entire receiving corps the entire day, responsible for 195 of Tannehill’s 217 yards.

They did a nice job keeping Lamar Miller contained on the ground, as he only gained 43 yards on 16 attempts. Rookie back Jay Ajayi popped out of nowhere to gather 48 yards on 6 attempts. It was just one of those days where the Birds’ D was pretty good and kept the team in the game, yet they could have done more. It’s not their fault a punt got blocked, putting the Dolphins in primo scoring position. The only “more” they could have done in this game is totally dominate. This one is on the offense.

Next Week

Well, the good news is, the NFC East is still pathetic, so the Eagles are still in the running for the division title, even at 4-5. The Iggles stay home to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccos are also 4-5 this season after beating the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday. Thanks fellas!

Jameis Winston has had his share of rookie struggles, having thrown for 2,159 yards, 10 TDs and 9 INTs on the season so far. The Bucs have a pretty good ground duo of Doug Martin and Charles Sims, who have run for a combined 1,008 yards and 3 touchdowns. Winston actually has 4 rushing TDs himself. He’s also got this weapon by the name of Mike Evans, who is averaging 82.8 yards per game. Their defense is allowing 26.3 points per game, so if the Eagles need to rely on Mark Sanchez for a few games, this is a good starting point.


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